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It has everything you need

  • color packs for both seat and bassinet part (hood, pad)
  • an apron / - thanks to it I can create a "new stroller" when I feel like I need a change of style
  • a lot of accessories - built-in mosquito net, raincoat, stroller pad, footrest; in other strollers it has to be laboriously adjusted and the price increases
  • comfortable padding and really soft seating in the seat part
  • height-adjustable handle covered with eco-leather, also a belly bar / handle in front of the child
  • sprung wheels
  • spacious basket and especially easy to access
  • relatively light, approx. 11 kg
  • good manoeuvrability
  • window in the hood
  • the only major drawback I see is the inability to adjust the height of the canopy as with the newer oyster 3 model - if this could be done, the stroller would last from birth to the end of the stroller need without the need to buy a buggy; but then we wouldn't be able to change strollers so much :)

The ideal city stroller. Smart, agile - it has everything you need. I recommend from birth to about 2 years. Great advantage - the "color packs" .

My daughter does too


Not only do I like the stroller, but my daughter does too. She seems to be happy in it 🙋♀️We'll use it 100% 😗

A great stroller


Its a great stroller in my opinion <3 <3 <3

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