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I recommend it for traveling

  • Canopy
  • Compact folded size
  • Basket made so that things don't fall out through the sides 👍
  • Wheels
  • Short laying surface

I must praise the great sun shade and the super compact size. I must say the wheels look much cheaper in reality - they look luxurious on the picture but very plastic-y IRL. They also are truly for smooth surfaces only - otherwise, they get noisy on cobblestones and stuck in holes a lot. I recommend it for traveling. We've got the color with the rose gold chassis.

  • looks great! (mainly thanx to the frame)
  • small when folded!
  • XXL hood
  • lever recline
  • nice leg rest
  • bumper bar included
  • thin, creasy fabrics
  • small wheels
  • no footrest

The fold is really easy-peasy. Also, the recline! No straps!! Lever seatback adjustment is so rare on an ultra compact pushchair 🤩 These, and the luxurious metal frame were why we bought it. Oh, and the hood (it's really nice and large, an above-average for this type). All that is just as we imagined it.

The downsides would be quite a short seat back (even though an OK-sized short leg rest, so not for long naps and a large/tall toddler. Also, when the leg rest is down, the footrest is practically nonexistent, so the feet always dangle if the leg rest is not lifted up. It's more of a short strolls/travels/errands of a buggy - nothing for everyday "all terrain" use. To fold it in and out of the car though, there's not much better.

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