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lrr says:
"A very high quality stroller that has only a few downsides"
and gives the Baby Jogger Summit X3

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  • Very light and compact
  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • Long canopy
  • Nice and spacious bassinet
  • Handbrake (just a little stiff)
  • Handle with a wheel lock
  • It is very difficult to brake on and off - it is almost impossible to do it barefoot or in sandals...
  • The canopy of the pushchair version does not have a safety lock, my son keeps unlocking it
  • Accessories must be purchased separately, including a belly bar and a rain cover
  • It doesn't reverse to face the parent (seat unit), but this makes the stroller lighter

A very high quality stroller that in my opinion has only a few downsides.

We first used the jogger for our son from a year and something, then the bassinet for our daughter. I was surprised that the bassinet even rocks a bit. As my (now heavier) son rode around in the pushchair, the suspension was more loaded and didn't rock as much, so I was worried about how the stroller would behave with a newborn - but I was pleasantly surprised.

However, I drive over bumps very carefully, it's not a stroller for off-road (although it can handle it), but primarily for roller skating. For a baby in a deep stroller, a classic rocking stroller is still the best for off-road, which we also have, for example, for the mountains on forest paths and trails.

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