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123magpie321 says:
"The best things about it are the low weight, the compactness, and the sturdiness"
and gives the Baby Jogger City Mini Zip

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  • Weight
  • Sturdiness, durability
  • Maneuverability
  • Compact after folding
  • Good also for taller parents and larger toddlers
  • The seat fits even a winter footmufff
  • Price
  • It's not a full-featured pushchair

A very good stroller, something between a pushchair and a buggy. It can be steered even with your left hand even whel it's fully reclined. It is not a full-featured pushchair, though. It is not enough for an only stroller. It can tackle lighter urban terrain, it doesn't rattle like an umbrella stroller, but it is not a soft ride over anything. It is simply a very lightweight stroller and you shouldn't expect more than from such a type.

There's the large canopy, the spacious seat, and a good-enough basket for its category. It can be folded one-handedly, but you need to get used to such folding first. The best things about it are the low weight (even when fully loaded, it feels like such), the great foldability and compactness, and the sturdiness - you are not afraid it will fall apart.

The price feels questionnable as I think it could be cheaper, since it's not a full-sized stroller.

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