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adlika says:
"Practical stroller for mom who prefers comfort over aesthetics"
and gives the Baby Design Lupo Comfort Limited

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  • Complete lie-flat
  • Both the seat and the cot have an extendable part
  • Sufficiently deep seat - the baby will not fall out
  • Long foot section - the baby's feet do not stick, even when straightened
  • I have the original Husky set (footmuff, blanket, hand muffs, cover for a bottle) and it fits perfectly with the colour of the grey alternative
  • Suitable for big kids
  • Squeaks
  • The footmuff could be a bit wider

Practical stroller for mom who prefers the comfort of the baby and herself over the aesthetics of the stroller. The first time I had a Mutsy stroller, but this one is better, having considered all the pluses and minuses.

The cot:
The bottom of the cot can be positioned. Very suitable for children who have reflux and need to be higher up.
The cot is very spacious, carrying capacity up to 9 kg.
The hood of the cot can be stretched - no need to put a diaper over or an umbrella, everything in the summer is solved by the hood.
In the hood there is an integrated mesh, which perfectly ventilates the stroller.
The apron fits perfectly and is easy to unzip.
Practical mobile phone pocket on the cot.

Seat unit:
Sufficiently long back and also a part for the legs, so the baby, when it is small, I lift up the part under the legs and he can stick them out nicely and nothing sticks out of the stroller :-)
The hood is long enough and can be expanded, so again no umbrella is needed.
Deep enough seat part, so even if I don't have the baby strapped in and he's moving around, I'm not afraid that he'll fall out of the stroller - he can even stand in it.
The rain cover fits great.

Adequately heavy for a stroller. Perfectly feathered, which is nice for putting the kid to sleep.
After a while it started to squeak a bit - it needs to be oiled.
I don't have a problem with the weight, but I believe a woman who doesn't have strong enough arms may have a problem.

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