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Fi says:
"An amazing stroller for travel and everyday"
and gives the Aprica Smooove

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  • Pros: basically everything…
  • Really smooth push
  • Very easy to maneuver in an urban environment
  • The suspension is good enough to deal with uneven terrain
  • The leg rest comes up and the seat reclines almost flat
  • Love the easy one handed fold and smaller design, isn’t too big for narrower store aisles or public transit/airport security
  • The only thing I wish was that it could accommodate a taller/heavier child. My 2 year old is now a bit too tall and a kg over the weight allowance and since they hit 15kg the ease of pushing and maneuverability have decreased (it still works like a dream with a smaller child in it I just wish mine hadn’t grown out already)

This has been an amazing stroller for travel and everyday.

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