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  • modern look
  • nice push
  • upright seat
  • nappy backpack included
  • bulky
  • open seat
  • seat canopy
  • nappy bag rather small

Looks gorgeous. Beautiful pastels. Not the most compact but it pushes effortlessly. The seat is less sleek than the bassinet (pushchair setup lasts maybe up to two years maximum) and it’s quite open (canopy could be more robust), but it looks modern nonetheless and it’s upright. My son’s a big fan of that.

  • sleek-looking
  • luxurious and easy-to-clean PU leather
  • large, comfy carrycot
  • pushes well
  • compatible with Cybex car seats
  • nice optional accessories
  • the chassis is quite long when folded
  • small, hard-to-get-into basket
  • seat seems a bit small for an alder toddler (I think it's because of the canopy so close to the backrest) - and it looks a bit funny
  • seat canopy in the reclined mode is short
  • a little heavy to load in the car

It's a beautiful-looking pram. It pushes nicely. I am not that certain about if the same goes for the pushchair mode - it looks a bit funny, and it's not as spacious, but for the moment, it's enough. Not the best for small cars and petite mums, as it's a bit heavy. Id does fold with the seat, but I recommend folding the chassis separately and put the seat somewhere afterward - it feels like a more manageable option.

It looks very beautiful


It arrived super quickly when I ordered it online. It looks very beautiful, the pram.

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