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terezzr says:
"I'm glad I bought it"
and gives the Adbor Ottis

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I'm glad I bought it

  • spacious bassinet
  • easy handling when folding
  • price
  • locking front wheels
  • underslung basket
  • apron

In my opinion, quality = price. I definitely don't regret the purchase and I'm sure it will serve us for a while :-)

The bassinet was really great, the little one had a lot of space in it, I could fit her in even if there were 2 of her. We have no problem with the seat either.

What bothers me about this stroller is the basket under the stroller, it is really a disaster. Another thing that bothers me a bit is the apron, which gets unzipped or rolled up at every opportunity it gets, but maybe that's just a matter of habit or adjustment.

In summary: I'm glad I bought it 😊

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