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Simply the best

  • could go anywhere
  • beautiful
  • comfortable for the baby and myself
  • could position any direction
  • I have the leather one which is easy to clean
  • I tried many, and this is simply great!
  • The mammy bag, not too practical, but looks cool
  • Heavy, but I have a tiny foldable version in the car, so I do not carry it

I loved all the stroller, I could use it in the mountain, but on the beach as well. Simply the best!

I would not want it again


Gorgeous on a first look - I fell in love with it immediately. Just during our first walk, however, even with the rubber wheels, the rear wheel started to bent during the ride. They didn't repair it even with the warranty - they said the pram is OK. But when I push it, it is visible how the bag is aggressively rocking from side to side, the pram doesn't steer as it should.

The carrycot itself is very nice, I am happy with how it's made. And the mosquito net for it is great, too.

We are using the seat now, and I am just waiting for the winter to end so I can buy a new, better pushchair. This one is very hard to fold, a petite mum will struggle a lot. If you put on the leg cover, there's a large gap between the cover and the child's feet, even with a footmuff inside :( The canopy could be made better, at least from my point of view, as I never am too sure if the right and the left part are at the same height - only one part clicks in place, never both...

And those wheels... so bad to steer. You CANNOT steer the pushchair with one hand, e.g. when you hold your child in your hands for a while. The wheels just work against you. Wither the pram is faulty, or there's a problem with me 😂 But I would not want it again 😂

  • carrycot
  • stylish design
  • large wheels
  • accessories included
  • heavy
  • large after folding
  • canopy doesn't hold in the extended position
  • basket scratches on bumps
  • frame scratches
  • included bag is impractical
  • one wheel bent (was replaced)

We only used the bassinet yet. Overall, I still like it at the moment, even is there is definitely room for improvement.

The folding is not thoroughly thought of - when I fold it, I scratch the frame since I have to lay it on the ground. It is heavy, and as an average woman, I struggle when lifting it up. Right after birth, absolutely only let your partner do it.

I appreciate that the basket is closable, but it makes it smaller, AND it often scratches on the ground if the road is bumpy (or if you climb a curb). So you can only use it for small stuff, no shopping load.

The extendable canopy of the bassinet is not possible to use - there is no lock to keep the canopy in the extended position so it simply jumps back.

One of the wheels bent, we had to replace it (the store took care of it, but we had to wait until it arrived).

The included nappy bag is small and not practical, I bought a different one.

I do like the roomy carrycot and the overall look, and the ride is pleasant overall. I am not so sure about the seat unit, but we haven't used it yet so time will tell. As I said, I do like it, but I am not sure I'd choose the same one again if given the opportunity.

Simply not worth the money


I loved the look at first, but it's simply not worth the money. The frame squeaks and creaks after only a few months, and the front wheels sometimes rotate quickly as hell just so, on a smooth surface. The pram is rather heavy and not comfortable to load in the car. The seat is nice and high, but so much less practical than the carrycot... the leg rest seems short already.

For the price, a very nice pram

  • The look
  • The carrycot
  • The suspension
  • The price & accessories
  • The seat unit canopy
  • The weight
  • The small mommy bag

For the price, it's a very nice pram. The frame is sturdy, and there's supsension. The gondola (carrycot) was comfortable for the little one. The seat's canopy was constantly falling down but got replaced, then was OK. I can recommend it.

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