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  • roomy
  • inflatable wheels
  • stroller accessories
  • front wheel lock
  • possibility to disassemble the whole stroller and wash/clean it properly
  • heavy
  • difficult to store (bulky)
  • large (in the elevator or bus, or when folding into the car we had a problem)
  • takes up all the space in the trunk

Thumbs up! 👍

An average stroller


We have an Adamex Barletta 2 in 1 set. Easy to handle, easy to fold. Could have more storage space. The bassinet is big enough I think.

We have used the seat only for a short time, we did not like its limited positioning options. The biggest minus I see in the squeaking springs, which spoils the overall impression of the stroller. Otherwise, it was an average stroller, we drove quite a few km with it :)

  • Very spacious bassinet
  • Design
  • Ruggedness of the chassis
  • Variable canopies
  • Squeaking springs (after lubrication was ok)

I liked the 2 in 1 combination so much with my first child that I kept it for my second.

It is spacious, durable, very nice design. It's full of extras, especially when it comes to the canopy. I've put a lot of kilometres on it, in different terrains, often difficult (forests, snow, rocks...) - and it's stood up to everything. It was reliable.

The stroller came with a lot of accessories. The springs started to squeak after a while, but with regular spraying with oil the problem was solved. For me a great stroller.

Easy to set up

  • Easy to set up
  • Beautiful design
  • Mesh roof for summer time
  • Amazing accessories for all purpose
  • Easy to drive it
  • The baby unit is not collapsible so the pram is a little bit too big
  • The sitting unit for bigger kids is too big, my could did not look comfortable in it

Love this pram.

I am just disappointed with it

  • Large carrycot
  • Many accessories included
  • Easy manipulation
  • Easy folding
  • Low quality
  • Squeaking
  • Weak suspension springs

In the beginning, it was an excellent stroller system. After around 3 months, it started squeaking - but I didn't mind it that much, even though after some time, it was kinda embarrassing. But then, when it started to go to one side much more, and the seat unit hood started falling down, I can say I am just disappointed with it.

At first, everything was fine. Then it started to fall apart, and it wasn't even half a year we had it. To be specific, it was the reclining system of the seat aw well as carrycot backrest. I wouldn't buy it again.

  • Large carrycot
  • High, closable basket
  • Bunch of accessories included
  • Good price
  • Easy to keep clean
  • The chassis falls apart continually
  • Probably too much of flex in the springs, because it made them weak over time
  • Opening/closing of the carrycot canopy was difficult

We owned an Adamex Barletta in a white-gray combination with curtains 😍 But I was not very happy with it. We used it for about a year and a half. We complained twice about the chassis because it seemed to me that the big side springs stopped working. In addition to that, the whole stroller setup was slightly tilted backwards, and my daughter was sliding in it when she couldn't sit by herself yet. We had a puncture only once, but such that the valve broke as well, and it was hard to find exactly the same tire - we had to change the whole thing. And then - I don't even know when - a rivet (or whatever it was) fell off somewhere, and I did not even make a complaint after this - we just replaced it with a large screw. Otherwise, the design of the carrycot and other parts to put our baby girl in was nice, easy to clean, and there were many accessories included. The carrycot was super spacious. Controlling the pram was easy, and I liked the large and protected shopping basket. Maybe we just had bad luck with our piece, but at that time, I was furious with it.

It fit me a lot

  • a lot is included
  • bassinet size
  • suspension rocks
  • pretty looks
  • drinks holder on the INSIDE of the handle bar - a huge plus
  • stable
  • I would put 10 if the suspension would be softer
  • white stitching on the handle got dirty over time

The stroller fit me a lot, I had it in grey. Everyone liked the look and asked about the brand. I was very happy with it.

  • Rockable
  • Beautiful design
  • Super large carry cot
  • Seat unit was lopsided / slanted, so our daughter was sliding down

We had it in pink (ordered from abroad) - and it was our precious pram :) We loved it.

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