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les says:
"It has its faults, but we have learned to live with them"
and gives the ABC Design Viper 4 2017

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  • robust wheels for off-road use
  • solid stable chassis, perfectly fine after the first child
  • spacious carrycot
  • good shielding of the carrycot and the seat, long visor with ventilation opening
  • pleasant pull-out handle suitable for tall parents
  • large storage basket
  • reliable brake
  • high quality textile material that does not react to the sun, still looks like new
  • when the wheels are removed, the stroller is quite portable, for example when travelling by car on holiday
  • the stroller is very heavy, especially when using the seat with a larger child it is really hard - when my son was walking I had to leave it under/over the stairs, otherwise I couldn't carry him
  • the pushchair is unusable when turned towards the parent, the front wheels are overloaded and the stroller is hard to handle, we tried about twice and it didn't work, but neither we nor our son minded that from about 8m he was riding facing forward
  • the stroller requires frequent lubrication with silicone, several times it got completely stuck (extending, folding, locking the wheels) and during complaints we were always told that we did not take care of it enough, but no point-by-point instructions for maintenance are included
  • the mattress in the carrycot has gone fôatter under the head of my child after 8m of use, the complaint was not accepted, they said it was normal wear and tear, for the next child we will consider buying a new one or an anatomical cushion
  • absolutely unusable apron for the seat, it really didn't work
  • relatively short seating area of the sports stroller (to consider), the child sits high up and in front - which many children like because they have a clear view
  • there are ordinary rusting pads on the wheel axles, which as the only element of the stroller rusted really fast :/

We purchased the stroller in 2017 for our son and plan to use it for our daughter in 2020. It has its faults, but we have learned to live with them. The purchase price with accessories was quite high, so we are not currently considering buying a new one. I would think about the points below when buying this stroller as a second hand.

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