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It tips over


I feel bad for being the first person to leave a negative review on this stroller. Although I love that it is compact, stylish and easy to use, i found that this stroller has a few set backs which made it hard to stay in love with it.

- you cannot walk properly without your feet hitting on the back wheels or even worse on the breaks making you slam right in the stroller.
- the fabric on the hood is very very thin.
- the vents on the side of the hood are annoying and cannot be covered, the baby feels exposed all the time.
- worst one yet... this stroller is completely unstable! Yes does fine with smaller babies that don't move or wiggle much yet, but once yet hit that 1 year and start reaching out for things, then this is when the stroller becomes dangerous.

It tips over! Yes it tips over... with the child strapped in it. Happened multiple times... we ended up using it ONLY with our hands glued on the handle bar which was just making our lives a misery so packed it up and forgot about it.

The Ping is not exactly cheap... and we really thought we had chosen the right stroller for our holidays / short trips but we were wrong. I regret purchasing it.

  • Huge canopy
  • Easy to push
  • Very easy to fold with one hand
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Carry strap
  • It is easy to step on the brake while walking
  • Peek a boo window cover has to be held by hand if I want to see my baby

I thought a lot about sending it back after I bought it. I felt Ping was unstable after my Oyster 3. Then I tried m...

It is easy to push with one hand and is also practical for public transport and if there is no lift I can take my baby out of it in a few seconds and fold it and put it on my shoulder. Bought for travel, not for everyday use, but super useful for a quick shopping or a downtown walk as well.

  • huge canopy
  • the rear canopy flap that can be secured makes it look so elegant - so much better than those flapping pieces of similar strollers...
  • full recline
  • padded seat
  • quality materials
  • stylish chassis
  • tall handlebar
  • German brand
  • I wish the canopy's vents could be covered somehow when it's open
  • I would also make the canopy even thicker, fabric-wise

We have it in the Fashion edition slightly reminding of Burberry pattern. I love the look, and it's also easy and practical to use. I didn't know which travel stroller to choose, but I ended up choosing well ^^

I love love love it. Beautiful, practical, the stroller to get to when traveling, We're using it even more often than our main stroller now. Did I mention how beautiful it is? ;-)

I had to have it


I love love LOVE the pastel color... so I had to have it. Other than that, it's OK - quite basic, functional; we only use it while traveling... I would maybe make the seating surface deeper - my son seems to be slumping a little bit. But since the leg rest can be regulated upwards, it's not that bad. The laying position is not completely flat, but enough for napping. The handlebar is rather high (better for tall parents).

Great for airports, traveling, shops... not much else, but we bought it exactly for that purpose. Most of the time, we're keeping it in the car.

  • design
  • padded upholstery
  • nice canopy with extension, ventilation and a closable viewing window
  • super compact
  • the recline is really deep
  • perforated eco-leather on handlebar and bumper bar looks very stylish
  • small wheels
  • strap recline of the backrest
  • not so much space in the seat nor in the basket - but it is because of the nature of a super-compact stroller, this is actually not much of a minus
  • non-adjustable handlebar, but that's rather standard

I only saw it being displayed and tried it out. It is gorgeous, and it's really compact. I love its modern, urban design - but it is really just urban. You won't get through any terrain with those tiny wheels. Space-wise, the seat is enough - ok until those circa three years of age. A great plus is that accessible basket, and I loved those special editions - it is really something special!

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