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Zippy says:
"It tips over"
and gives the ABC Design Ping

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It tips over

I feel bad for being the first person to leave a negative review on this stroller. Although I love that it is compact, stylish and easy to use, i found that this stroller has a few set backs which made it hard to stay in love with it.

- you cannot walk properly without your feet hitting on the back wheels or even worse on the breaks making you slam right in the stroller.
- the fabric on the hood is very very thin.
- the vents on the side of the hood are annoying and cannot be covered, the baby feels exposed all the time.
- worst one yet... this stroller is completely unstable! Yes does fine with smaller babies that don't move or wiggle much yet, but once yet hit that 1 year and start reaching out for things, then this is when the stroller becomes dangerous.

It tips over! Yes it tips over... with the child strapped in it. Happened multiple times... we ended up using it ONLY with our hands glued on the handle bar which was just making our lives a misery so packed it up and forgot about it.

The Ping is not exactly cheap... and we really thought we had chosen the right stroller for our holidays / short trips but we were wrong. I regret purchasing it.

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