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Peg-Pérego Selfie: Would you recommend the Selfie over a Babyzen Yoyo?

Laura • 27 Jun 2021

Hi there, would you recommend this stroller? How does it compare to the YoYo (Baby Zen)?

Eli • 27 Jun 2021


The Selfie from Peg-Pérego brand is a very stylish - to me, a more stylish pushchair, compared to the Babyzen Yoyo. It has multiple advantages in my eyes, the first being the price point. Then, the seat - it is a larger = wider, more roomy, and longer seat unit that is still quite slanted (the Yoyo is not an upright seat at all; it is actually very slanted and quite short in the seatback area), but the Selfie being, for sure, a bit less slanted overall. Next, the bumper bar is included and gate-opening; the child has a bit more support. The basket on the Selfie is also a bit more spacious, and the seat reclines fully, which is an advantage over the Yoyo. The last and most cool thing is the auto-fold - the Selfie only needs activating the fold, and the buggy will fold by itself, while the Yoyo needs two hands to be folded.

To the negatives: the canopy of the Selfie is very open still and feels a bit thinner. The Selfie is a bit larger after folding; might be some airlines won't take it on board as a carry-on. And, at last, the quality of the Yoyo is very high, durability-wise. The Yoyo's sturdy chassis, durable fabrics, and good wheels with a bit of suspension are much better compared to the Selfie, and the Selfie will be most certainly be a bit more of a "rattle" on bad terrain. Plus, the rear axle on the Selfie might be in the way of tall parent's steps. Aaand the Selfie doesn't offer a from-birth bassinet or cocoon possibility.

Just weigh the priorities when picking the right stroller for you, the terrain, the price importance, and go with your heart. Which do you feel better about? I would recommend the Selfie if price and looks are important to you and you don't need it for bad terrain (and canopy sturdiness is not that big of a deal). If aiming for high quality, small cabin luggage size, and easier sellability, later on, the Yoyo (or something like a Joolz Aer) might be a better option for you. Check this article featuring the best ultracompact strollers for summer 2021.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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