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Would you recommend the Joie Litetrax for getting up&down curbs and a good basket, canopy and fold?

K • 25 Apr 2022

Would you recommend the Joie Literax? For a toddler. Wanting easy up and down curbs, decent sized basket, good sized canopy. Easy fold.

Eli • 25 Apr 2022

Heya, K,

The Litetrax - I mean the basic, not the Joie Literax Air, is a stroller taking the child in mind = padded, comfy, and yes, with a nice sun hood. The push is nice so kerbs won't be a problem. The front wheels, however, do rattle slightly, so rubber bands in the joints are a good solution, plus for a smoother push, I'd actually go for the Litetrax Air more probably.

The fold is easy even if it is perhaps not the lightest in the category, but no problem folding the stroller nonetheless. The basket is just to praise. The only other downside I'd underline is a slightly shorter backrest/leg rest, meaning the pushchair is better for smaller children than 3 years old+. If you need a real toddler pushchair, there are for sure roomier ones. Still, the comfort for the kid is quite high and if your little one is not too tall/large, you should be fine up to 2.5-3 years of age.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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