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Would you recommend the Easywalker Jackey buggy for town AND countryside for an 8mo?

Vijone • 18 Mar 2022


I am looking for compact and lightweight stroller for my 8 months old with full laying down position and a good backrest. Would you recommend the Easywalker Jackey for town and countryside walks?

Thank you

Eli • 18 Mar 2022

Heya, Vijone,

Ultracompacts are occasional and travel/holiday strollers (read more here), so I would AND wouldn't recommend the strolelr to you. For around town occasionally, for around shops, small walks when the main stroller is to bulky, yeah, why not, it is a nice little stroller. For countryside, any terrain, any everyday longhours use, it is too small, too rickety of a buggy to be using for any child, especially with still a baby.

So, it is actually a very nice stroller in its category, but it should not be a stroller considered an everyday do-it-all stroller. For that, the wheels are too small, and so is the frame. Consider, perhaps, a bit larger mid-size lightweight stroller in the Oyster Zero, ABC Design Avus, Baby Jogger City Mini2 style.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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