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Would a more expensive stroller guarantee not having the problem of self-locking front wheels?

Carol • 11 Aug 2022

I'm always having problems with the front wheels locking up. First it was a Chicco Liteway and now a KinderKraft Evolution. On the occasion of the Chicco Liteway in 2018 we decided to switch to a Chicco London and the dual wheels never braked (a success). But now, with KinderKraft I don't know which stroller to choose.

Would a more expensive stroller guarantee not having this problem of the front wheel locking up? Are dual wheels (Baby Jogger City Mini 2, for example) proof against this kind of problem?

Eli • 11 Aug 2022

Hi, Carol,

Well, a better brand makes the chance of it not happening definitely higher. I don't know about the double wheels though; from my experience, those actually had problems more often, even if perhaps of a different nature. I would, therefore not guarantee a fuss-free double-front-wheeled pushchair but would definitely look at a bit better brands, the Baby Jogger definitely being a nice option. Three-wheelers overall have the front wheel a bit sturdier to withstand everything OK.

Another thing I would recommend is to do a regular cleaning and maintenance of your stroller, including the front wheels - MORE ABOUT THAT HERE. As they absorb shock, dirt, wetness, hairs, etc., they are prone to having problems a bit more - and the locking mechanism in there then, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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