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Graco Uno2Duo: Will the Uno 2 Duo fit my Nissan Sentra car boot?

Sel • 25 Jun 2021


I wanted to know if this will fit in the trunk easily? I have a 2015 Nissan Sentra and I am unsure if it will fit.

Will it fit with or without the seats attached? Or neither way?

Eli • 26 Jun 2021

Hello, Sel,

Without a seat, it should fit. It will take up most (or all) of your boot; that's an important thing to acknowledge. It is quite long and overall bulky - the more so if the seat stays on the frame when folding the pram. You'll also might need to remove the wheels to get it inside easier.

It might be necessary to think about a more compact double stroller if car trunk space is an issue. Maybe a forward-facing side-by-side one. Or something in the likes of a Baby Jogger City Select Lux where the seats do fold into themselves and can both be folded down with the frame more compactly. But I know it's a more expensive option, so a pre-loved one could also be worth thinking about.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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