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Will the Joolz Hub Plus' seat fit a larger toddler?

Boo boo • 14 Aug 2022

Hi Eli,

I have a 12-month-old, and I’m interested in the Joolz Hub+ but I’m worried the seat size my be too small for a bigger toddler down the track. What age would this pram be suitable up until? Whould it really fit a 22kg child as this is the weight limit, I believe..?

Would it fit a three-year-old?

Is it a similar-sized seat to the Bugaboo Bee?

Eli • 14 Aug 2022


Well, the seat, having a rather nice seatback and the 22kg weight capacity, seems like it might fit an older child. However, as a reversible seat more about those HERE), it is narrow, and the canopy is right over the backrest and most parents with larger children that had it will tell you it will certainly not fit a 22kg kid. It is good enough till about 2-2.5 years; with tinier children, it might fit till 3yrs though it would be a tight fit. Most people pass on to a pushchair/buggy without a reversible seat around 1-2 years of age anyway, so as a starter pram, it could work, but I personally wouldn't go for a reversible seater, and this one either, if I wanted for it to last till 3 years.

About the comparison to a BGB Bee's seat, well, yes and no. No, as the Bee has a wider seat and an extendable seat back, so it is roomier in that sense. It also has a deeper sitting part, though, so again a larger "chair", though Bee doesn't have a leg rest and so for smaller children and in the reverse position, it is usually less comfy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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