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Will the Joiei-Snug 2 fit the Encore base and the Chrome or the Litetrax frame/adaptors?

Kay • 23 Aug 2022

Hi Eli,

Thanks so much for answering my question about the I Gemm 3, I really appreciate your help!

I just wanted to also check, would the I snug 2 also fit with the Joie Chrome and Litetrax pushchairs as well as the Encore base? The snug is a bit cheaper!

Also, do you know if the adapters come with the pram, or do they usually need to be purchased separately?



Eli • 23 Aug 2022

HI, Kay,

The i-Snug 2 WILL fit the base as well as the same adapters attachment as the Gemm, so yes, you can pair it up with both of the pushchairs.

About the adapters, that mostly depends on where you're buying the pram and in which set, though usually they are sold separately in most cases.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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