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Joie Chrome DLX: Will the Joie Spin 360 car seat fit on this stroller?

Mrs M • 26 Aug 2021

Hi Eli,

We've been given a second hand Joie 360 Spin car seat. We already use the Joie Chrome DLX with an iLevel car seat but wondering if the 360 Spin would fit the stroller? Our baby is 6 months old.

Thank you for your help! Can't find this information anywhere online.
Mr & Mrs Moore, Glasgow

Eli • 28 Aug 2021

Hello, there!

So, the answer is no here, Unlike the i-Level capsule, the Joie 360 Spin is not a car seat that can go on (any) stroller - this is only for the car. It doesn't even feature a carry handle because of that.

So I would most certainly keep your i-Level for now, and when your little one is around 10-14 months old, you'll smoothly pass on to the 360 Spin and won't use your stroller as a travel system anymore... this is only natural.

Hope I helped clearing this up! I would most appreciate you guys helping other parents by leaving a short review of the stroller you own, the Joie Chrome DLX, here, please. You'll help many other parents with their choice thanks to your experience.

Thank you so much, and stay safe!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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