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Will the Joie Finiti seat fit a different Joie frame?

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eli & vii
Emz • 03 Aug 2022


I bought the Joie Finiti signature but I lost the chassis when I removed it from my car. Joie won't sell me a chassis without buying the whole stroller again. Would the Finiti stroller seat fit on any other Joie wheels such as the Chrome or the Versatrax? I see someone is selling a Chrome online for a reasonable price, but in afraid my stroller seat won't fit and also I have the ramble carrycot not the xl one just the regular one, thank you in advance.

Eli • 03 Aug 2022

Hi, Amz,

The Chrome will definitely NOT accept the Finiti parts as the attachment system is completely different. You should be able, however, to click the seat unit or the bassinet on the Joie Versatrax frame, as there, the attachments should be the same. Best is always to try before committing, just in case the person has some older or damaged model, but overall they should have the same attachment.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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