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Cybex Mios 2: Will the Cybex Mios 2 footmuff fit a Cybex Priam pushchair?

Dee • 26 Aug 2021


I've got a Cybex Mios2 pushchair and got it along with a matching cosy toes at the stores. I am planning to swap it for a different one just for a change of style for this season and planning to sell the Mios cosytoes to a friend. She's got a Cybex Priam. And the question is, will the Mios cosy toes fit the Cybex Priam?


Eli • 26 Aug 2021

Hey, Dee,

The cosytoes made for the Cybex Mios is actually made for the Cybex Priam. They are often offered listed as "Cybex Priam / Mios footmuff." So no worries, YES, the footmuff you used with your Cybex Mios WILL fit the Cybex Priam as well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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