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Will the Cybex Cloud Z car seat work with Joie Versatrax without any specific adapters?

Mike • 02 Sep 2022

I wonder if Cybex Cloud Z car seat will work with Joie Versatrax without any specific adapters.
Conflicted between i-level and cloud z, but I'll go with the Cloud if no specific adapter is needed.

Please help

Eli • 03 Sep 2022

Hi Mike,

The i-Level and the Cloud car seats use the same attachment system, so they need the SAME adapter set, the Joie adapters (the only ones available for the Verstarax, to be honest).

You can go on and get the Cloud Z, although my personal choice, after having a Cybex car seat, was that the materials were a bit too artificial, and the Cloud series cannot be positioned DURING the ride, which the Joie can - which is one of the more important factors for me, the better angle during longer rides. This would make Joie my personal choice, but of course, you may have your own reasons, and both are safe car seats.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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