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Chicco Goody: Will the Chicco Goody (or similarly-sized buggy) last - and will it be usable for everyday use?

Ana • 02 Jun 2021

Maybe my question ties more into the decision-making of what kind of a pushchair do I need, but in some way is attached with the Chicco Goody stroller.

I live in an urban area although some streets are not very plain (the sidewalks are not even), but I don't think I would need an all-terrain stroller. That's why I've been looking for a more light-weighted stroller that can be easy to fold, manoeuvre, and store (living in an apartment). The type of strollers I've been looking are Cybex Mios; iCandy Lime; Easywalker Charley or Harvey and Joolz Hub+ or Aer. Some of these are a bit on the heavy side (more than 10kg) but they definitely look more sturdy and high quality.

On the other hand, I've started to check the real lightweight kind of stroller, like this one - the Chicco Goody; Cybex Eezy S, etc. due to the weight and less bulky look.

My main concern is about the durability and sturdiness of these strollers... I understand we cannot have everything - lower price, lightness, and the best durability, but I just find it very hard to understand if these "buggies" would last for the full 3 years or even for a second child. When I look az them it just doesn’t feel cheap and therefore maybe less long-lasting.

This Chicco Goody itis currently at a very competitive price and based on some customers' comments it seems that some people just use it as a second option, it really makes me wonder if this can be considered an all-day usage stroller. Overall, does the visible materials quality of the stroller should be enough for me to understand if they are going to last? Are lightweight buggies a safety option for a baby?

Sorry for the long message. I hope you could help me 😊

Thank you so much in advance.

Eli • 03 Jun 2021

Hi, Ana!

I'll firstly refer you to this article about ultracompacts - plane-friendly strollers and their features making them a harsh choice for every day. The Chicco Goody definitely being one of them. I mean, I had it in my hands, tried it out, even thinking about more of a large review to do - and I like it, to be honest. The fold is nice, the space inside good for the type and the reline type and the rather upright seat are quite unique. The thing is, even if the quality feels good (maybe apart from the canopy, that feels like it could be sturdier made), I am not sure I would rise such a small-ish size pushchair for every day and expect it to last. The chassis is built so that it folds down small, not to be the sturdiest for a long period of use.

If I were to look up something compact enough yet long-lasting for an older toddler as well as maybe a second child, I would most certainly look at mid-size world-facing buggies like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, the Thule Spring, or the TFK Dot2/Baby Jogger City Mini Zip from the smallest-folding long-lasting ones.

I hope I helped, I mean - yeah, the Goody is certainly a nice option for shorter walks and shops and folding, even every day - but for everyday more-hour use in the streets and even grass or so, you could do better, longevity-wise.

Always think of a priority when choosing the right stroller - is it everyday ride and longevity, or a very small size and a lightweight stroller..?

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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