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Will the Bugaboo Donkey last till 4yo and fit into tight spaces?

Tara • 10 Mar 2022

I am expecting my first but want to be prepared for a second. I want the Bugaboo Donkey 3 or Donkey 5, I love the bag next to the seat on the single mode and I love that the seats are next to each other instead of awkwardly stacked so one child will likely get feet swung into it back, or too low so one seat is taking up the shopping basket!

I like the low center of gravity... but my partner is concerned by the relatively small seat dimensions as we are hoping to use the stroller for long dog walks till the child/ children are up to 4 years old. He's also worried about fitting through tight spaces, but I feel there's always a way.

What are your thoughts, and what would your advice be for a good double with great suspension for semi-country living? Our other favorite is the new iCandy Peach because I like the configurations, ie bassinet closer to me, toddler facing outwards. But I don't know if it's as good for beach, grass etc. I'll be walking a big dog for up to an hour most days.

Thank you,

Eli • 10 Mar 2022

Heya, Tara,

You cannot really go wrong with a Bugaboo, believe me. Yes, it has its downsides - and yes, as on ANY double stroller, the seats are smaller, but on the Peach, they are even smaller still. There is NO double stroller or single to double stroller that would last up till 4 years except for those non-reversible ones (like a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double which you'll anyway get as the kids will be both toddlers).

ABout the Donkey... the wheel size and quality make it great for the surroundings you described. The width fits any standard doors or aisles even in the double mode, except for when it has two car seats attached. In the single mode, it is exactly the same width as the Uppababy Vista. AND the maneuverability of a side-by-side stroller is 100% better than a tandem.

So.. it won't last you up till children's 4 years, I am sorry. No reversible model will. And no double stroller will be super nimble in tight spaces. But all else it will tick for you, and it is one of the most practical double prams. And, the truth of parenting is... you will, most probably, own at least two strollers. And this one is worth your attention as it is functional and very well selling even if pre-owned, so part of the money will come back to you after you're done with it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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