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Will my Joie i-Gemm car seat with adapters fit a Cybex stroller?

Souzanne • 15 May 2022

I have a Joie iGemm infant car seat, along with the adapters. Will this fit into a Cybex stroller? Would I have to get additional adapters?

Eli • 15 May 2022

Hiya, Souzanne,

The adapters need to first be for the stroller. That means, each stroller has a different click-on attachment system, so you cannot click one adapter set to any stroller frame, each stroller has its own adaptors. Here, w talk about the adapters' lower part. Then, the upper part needs to fit the car seat. Overall, Cybex strollers ALL can accept a Joie car seat as they accept Cybex car seats, and Joie and Cybex car seats have the same attachment system.

I don't know which adapters for your Joie car seat you own, but you will need to first pick your Cybex model, then get the adapters for that model, and on those, your Joie i-Gemm car seat will fit.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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