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Will a Cybex Cloud Z fit a Joolz Day 1 stroller chassis with adapters?

Hannah • 08 Feb 2023

I have my 2016 Joolz Day buggy from my first child and would like to reuse it for my second due in a couple of months, but I have lost the adaptors for the car seats to fit on can’t find them anywhere.

I also now have a new car seat, the Cybex Cloud Z2. I’m trying to find out if this car seat will be compatible with the buggy I already have if I purchase the adaptors for the Joolz Day1 will they fit the car seat.


Eli • 08 Feb 2023

Hiya, Hannah,

The Cybex Cloud line WILL fit thše Joolz Day 1 adapters for Maxi-Cosi car seats, yes. I am attaching a picture of the adapters you need, you can also find them HERE. With these, you'll be able to use your car seat on the Day 1 frame.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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