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Why some shops offer the Joie Finiti Carbon and the color is not on the official website?

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eli & vii
Xenija • 22 Sep 2022


I saw that the same shops offer Joie Finiti Carbon but I couldn’t find that color on the official Joie webpage. Can you explain why is that?

Thank you.

Eli • 23 Sep 2022

Hiya, Xenija,

I believe it is so because the color either was distributed to only some countries, and thus the official UK site doesn't show it to not confuse UK customers, OR that the color was made in a certain number of models and is made no more, something like a limited edition or a seasonal line - and since not made anymore, it is not anymore promoted on the website anymore either. I don't think it is a problem of the color either was and if you like it, just go for it - it is definitely not a "fake" or a faulty one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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