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Why is the Hauck Rapid 4D so cheap, and is the Kinderkraft B-Tour better?

nevzi • 24 Aug 2022

Why is this Hauck 4d Rapid so cheap?

We are between the Hauck 4d and the Kinderkraft B-tour.


Eli • 24 Aug 2022

Hi, nevzi,

Well, I guess they have the last piece, and the stroller itself is a cheaper one itself, so they are trying to get rid of it. For that rice, it is actually really good, as this is a simple pram, tough for use with the bassinet on smooth-ish urban pavements; it will work well for the price at least for a time.

If needing something for terrain, though, the B-Tour will be a much better choice with those large wheels (but also much bulkier). So, the Hauck will be a simple, OK choice for the city and less demanding use, the B-Tour for terrain, and if you need something sturdier though bulkier.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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