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Which ultra-compact around £250 will be sturdy-ish on uneven ground?

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Jay • 22 Jul 2022


It's me again - someone looking for as sturdy a compact fold as I can get for around the £250-ish mark for my six-month-old son. Sorry about the follow up question - I was planning on getting the Chicco Goody Plus (as I've had no luck so far sourcing a second-hand Joolz Aer) as I like the more upright seat of the Chicco.

BUT I've realized the front wheels don't lock on the Goody Plus (plus based on videos the auto lock seems a little weak when you pick it up to carry it too - but that might be a feature of all "magicfolds" as they don't have a clip holding them together?).

How important are locking front wheels for if the pram needs to go over parkland -short grass, maybe some gravel, etc.? I have locked the front wheel of my Hauck Runner 2 a lot, but that is for regular dog walking use on moorland, where as this new stroller would be for more occasional holidays/lighter city use.

There seem so many similar folding-size compact prams available for around the £250 mark that do have lockable front wheels - the Micralight Pro Fold, the Inglesina Quid 2, the ABC Design Ping 2, the Ickle Bubba Gravity, the Le Clerc Magicfold when on sale... I'm probably missing some! Would one of these be sturdier than the Chicco for use on occasional rougher ground?

Thanks again for your help.

Eli • 22 Jul 2022

Heya, Jay,

ABout the looser fold lock you are totally right, it is not sturdy. I guess it's the price for the auto-fold feature as well as the price. About the wheels though, they actually are a bit larger than on most ultra-compacts, and I never once used the wheel lock with it. I mean, you will not go over worse bumps with these anyhow, and even if, even with locked wheels it will be not nice because of the sheer wheel size. I think the wheel area is one of the better ones with the Goody.

On the other hand, the overall sturdiness is definitely better with at least the Micralite ProFold (definitely a nice one to think about,, it is similar to the Easywalker's Buggy XS, frame-wise, and that is a good thing), and also the ABC Design Ping2. These two I'd definitely recommend as nice options. I personally don't like lecrlercs too much, but that is my personal opinion, of course, but the experience will be super similar to the one with the Goody.

So, all in all, the Goody will actually be nicer to push because of the wheel size, but the last two I'd recommend will have a sturdier frame. What's the priority? :-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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