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Which three-wheeled all-terrain stroller will fit a 105 x 70 cm lift?

Yael • 01 Aug 2021

Hi Eli,

My lift is 105 cm x 70 cm… I’d like to find a 3 Wheel all terrain stroller that would fit in there. Could not find out how to make such search on your amazing website, any advice?

Thaaaanks :)

Eli • 01 Aug 2021

Hey, Yael,

If you'll pick a three-wheeler that has a rotating - pivoting handlebar so you can put it down in the lift, you should be just fine, no worries there. My advice for a quality stroller with three wheels would be rather to pay more for a performing stroller and go for three-wheelers from brands like Baby Jogger, Thule (a TFK Mono would be a very sturdy choice... You can't go wrong with these ;-)

P.S. I did have a long pushchair in a shorter lift, and you know what, it can be done even so, just the rear axle will have to be lifted slightly. Not the best but an absolutely doable option for sure. 😉

Your -very berry- Eli.

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