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Which strollers offer the all-terrain wheels that are sold separately?

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eli & vii
TJ • 28 Jul 2022

Under ‘wheels’ you often have criteria saying « All-terrain version of wheels available to purchase separately, «  and I wonder which strollers actually have that option. Haven’t seen any with it so far.

Thank you!

Eli • 28 Jul 2022

Hello, TJ,

There are multiple strollers allowing to buy wheels extra, one of the most known being the Valco Snap and Valco Trend lines, where the inflatable SPORT wheels can be purchased with the stroller (then it has a SPORT in the name) or separately. Multiple Polish prams / 3in1 or 2in1 stroller systems also allow this, e.g. EasyGo Optimo, now also sold directly with the air-filled wheels.

I cannot name all the prams by heart, but there are multiple, usually the modular ones, and the availability of wheels also depends on the country and the distribution there.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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