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Which strollers have the highest backrest with an extendable hood?

Bt • 26 Nov 2022

Which strollers have the highest backrest with an extendable hood (needed for naps!)?

Eli • 26 Nov 2022

Hi, Bt,

And which type do you mean? As, for example, a 50 cm tall backrest of a reversible pushchair that has its canopy right above it is a completely different story than a lighter forward-facing buggy that has the canopy much higher. So if you need a LOT of space for a larger toddler or longevity, I personally would recommend going for a forward-facing mid-size lightweight pushchair; it will last you the longest. The seat width, the canopy height, and the leg rest length will also play a huge role in the naps' comfort, btw.

And there, the most spacious would be the Baby Jogger City Mini2/Baby Jogger City Mini GT2/Baby Jogger City Elite 2, the Britax B-Motion Plus, the Valco Trend... the Oyster Zero has a super wide seat, the backrest is not crazy high but the buggy is ok for napping and has a huge canopy, too.

From the travel strollers, the new Emmaljunga Kite has a whopping 68 cm backrest (62 cm when reclined) though it is a smaller buggy with no leg rest positioning so not the best for naps. The Bugaboo Butterfly and the Joolz Aer also have tall backrest but the problem of a small, narrower travel buggy is the same.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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