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Which strollers have an OEKO TEX certificate or are natural/more healthy in terms of materials?

Losnowa • 26 Feb 2022

Dear Eli,

I would like to ask you, is there any strollers which have oekotex certificate, or are made from some natural and more healthy materials?

Thank you

Eli • 27 Feb 2022

Hello there,

Well, there are actually quite a few. Not all have the OEKO TEXT certificate or are fully made from natural materials (such as bamboo fibers, etc.) BUT many, and I mean MANY better brands lately use recycled eco-friendly quality textiles. Even a Dutch brand like Easywalker uses recycled PET bottle fabrics that are actually very high-quality - and even give you a lifetime warranty on your stroller (after a registration).

Overall it is so - if the brand is better, usually higher-priced, it uses better quality materials as they come at a cost. The price of a stroller truly does matter, the more so in this point of view - and "cheap" prams and pushchairs usually mean they had to save money where they could, starting with textiles and plastics used.

Brand that boast OEKO TEX certificate are, i.e., Bugaboo, Joie, brand:bumbleride|Bumbleride]], Gesslein/Hartan, Greentom or Jané... I believe there's even more but some companies take a certification as a must and don't feel like they need to boast about it publically, so take that into consideration, too.

Non-toxic brands include Baby Jogger, Mountain Buggy, Uppababy, Zoe, Nuna, Britax, BOB or Thule.

There also are brands that say they are hand-made, natural, super eco-friendly+++, but in this world, always doubt a bit. You'll also find that they usually ask for very high prices based on this (often marketing, as I learned) claim that they are like that. An example would be the Naturkind brand, and also brands like Angelcab or Hesba.

I also want to add:

Bear in mind that to be as kind to nature as possible, the eco factor/carbon footprint of a product gets higher and higher the further from you it is made. Strollers made closer to you are by default more eco-friendly as they don't get shipped to your country on a boat or plane that damage nature incredibly. If you go for a known brand and base your stroller choice not just on price but also on quality, good reviews, and your own experience with the model, e.g. in a shop, you most probably won't go wrong. The materials of not-overly-cheap models are getting better and better every year, and legal requirements for baby products (especially in Europe) are actually very high, A company has to comply to this when wanting to put their product on a market.

P.S. Thank you for a great question! It inspired me to write a whole article about better materials, natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly strollers - here it is!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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