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Which stroller to pick as carry-on luggage as well as for our trip (maybe Disneyland, too)?

Maleena • 07 Jul 2021


I cannot decide on a stroller to get for our vacation. I mean, I'd want it to be a cabin-sized model and also one I won't struggle too much with on cobblestones and similar surfaces. We might go Disney so it should be taken into account. What are my best options for such a compact stroller?

Thanks for any ideas!

Eli • 07 Jul 2021

Hey, there,

I see your point. The first I'm going to point out is that no plane-luggage-friendly stroller will be performing well on cobblestones. It is a terrain most strollers feel bad to drive and get noisy - and these ultra-compact travel strollers even more so.

Next, I literally get this (or similar) question about what to buy for an ultracompact these days... I know, it's vacation time 😉 That is why I summed it all up in this article about the topic of picking the best ultra-compact stroller this summer, so I recommend checking that out for sure.

Disneyland-wise, actually, MOST strollers will fit. I would only refrain from long, large three-wheelers or any beast meant for forest or terrain, but there's not many of those these days, stroller trends show. So it will more be about what to take that will fit in the overhead compartment and airline guidelines, so always check those requirements and the folded size of the stroller you think about.

Wishing you good luck picking the right stroller for you, and the best summer holidays 😊

Your -very berry- Eli.

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