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Which stroller has the biggest under-basket?

Luci • 07 Sep 2023


Which stroller (pram) has the biggest under-basket for stuff (+10kg)? I heard for Joolz Geo 3 that has 15 kg limit, but I am trying to find some other options. Thank you :)

Eli • 08 Sep 2023

Hey, Luci,

The Quinny Hubb has a HUGE basket that can take even a whole other child (I tried), but it is not that available these days. Then, the Uppababy Vista has a huge basket though they don't state the weight capacity - in any case, it can take A LOT. The Britax Go Big has a very practical basket with 10kg capacity, at least I liked it a lot, along with the smoooooooth push of the pram.

ALl three of these have a larger basket than the Geo one - whatever the claimed weight capacity.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.