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Which stroller/brand for twins that has a detachable option and will last up to 3 years?

Jina • 10 Jul 2023

Hello Eli, thanks for your previous feedback on Leclerc. Which stroller/brand would you recommend then for twins that has a detachable option (I don't prefer them stuck together) and can serve me from 0 to 3 years old for example?

Many thanks

Eli • 10 Jul 2023

Hey again, Jina,

Honestly, there are very few strollers actually offering that connectors option, so I won't really suggest such (those two to three are all travel strollers that I would not recommend). You will either have to do with a larger but light model and some universal connectors (there, something like an Oyster Zero or Valco Snap could work), or go for a "stuck" notion that will, btw, be 200% better in terms of maneuvering and steering.

Personally, I would not go for connectors for twists, the whole feels wobbly and really has an awkward center of gravity - and would rather go for something like the Valco Snap Duo, Bumbleride Indie Twin, or Bugaboo Donkey which you can convert from single to double]]. Side by sides are much better to push, but there are some convertible options like, e.g., the iCandy Peach.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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