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Which reversible stroller will last as long as possible?

Bruno_N • 26 Jul 2022

Hello again Eli,

Sorry to bother again... But me and my wife are having our first child, and we are searching for a durable/strong, comfy and spacious stroller...

I know that perfection doesn't exist =P but, what do you recommend? Our main objective is to get a stroller that can last as long as possible. Unfortunately, here in Portugal, the majority of core strollers are reversible... So is kind of difficult to get different solutions...

We were watching Joie Aeria/Finiti, Maxi-Cosi Lila XP, and Cybex Talos S... But we are glad to know your wise opinion =)

Thank you very much for your attention and your work!
Love from Portugal =D

Eli • 27 Jul 2022

Hi, Bruno,

From what you are mentioning, nothing will really last a 2.5+ years old, space-wise, at least not comfortably. The closes is the Talos S which has a long seatback, so that could, maybe, work. You mentioned before you wanted something compact-ish, which the Talos isn't by far, but if you need a tiny tad smaller, the Joie Finiti would be the better option.

Try thinking about perhaps ordering from eBay/Amazon or looking in a neighboring country, too, as I believe you don't need a reversible pram anymore - it will make the seat smaller an the whole heavier and bulkier.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.