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Which non-Cybex car seat to get for our Cybex Melio and for Los Angeles-based parents?

Eugene • 24 Aug 2021

We purchased a cybex melio stroller while in japan for birth. Now we're considering which car seat to get other than Cybex for back home in Los Angeles. Please share your thoughts on which variables we should pay most attention.

Thank you

Eli • 24 Aug 2021

Hey, Eugene,

A great question! I am glad parents consider car seats more and more. It is important for the car seat to suit your needs, the budget (you didn't mention any, however, which is a shame), and the car seat safety.

To a Cybex stroller and their adapters, not every brand will be fitting. The brands that DO fit a Cybex car seat style of attachment would be: Maxi-Cosi, Kiddy, BeSafe, Recaro, Nuna, Avionaut, Joie, Clek, and a few smaller ones (like the Swandoo Quick, for ex.).

If I should be recommending you one, my personal preference based on my own experience with three sons would be a Maxi-Cosi. Their angle and fabrics were much higher, compared to, for ex., Cybex capsules in which my sons usually got quite sweaty... In Maxi-Cosi, they felt more comfortable. We had the Pebble, but a Cabriofix as one of the most spacious car seats is also worth considering, longevity-wise, but of course, in LA, you'll probably have to look up what Maxi-Cosi car seats are available around you - the Rock, the Citi or the Tinca are good as well. If the budget is not limited, a Coral XP is an excellent option, comfort and safety-wise - and so is a Kiddy Evoluna i-size, which is, however, a very expensive and large-ish car seat so maybe the Kiddy is not the best on the super.lightweight Cybex Melio.

Moving on - I mean, maybe Maxi-Cosi is not your preferred brand as well, the Clek car seats are rather popular and not bad as well, just they are not really providing any ADAC or similar crash test info, which concerns me.

The Nuna car seats are incredibly light while safe, so that option is a good one to make.

And lastly, I'll mention the Joie car seats which are a good option because of their good safety tests as well as a very affordable price, given the good safety (it is not always the case, usually a cheap car seat means a lower to no safety, so be careful with that). Joie capsules are, however, not available much in the US, so this one you'll probably keep in mind of anywhere you can get your hands on a Joie.

Hope I provided enough inspiration - if I did not mention any brand you are considering or your budget is not OK with any of these, write me again with a more detailed question. Also, I tried to help as much as possible, in return, I want to ask you to leave a short review of your Cybex Melio here to help other parents making their stroller choices. Thank you, and good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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