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Which double strollers have a high backrest?

Niharika • 16 Nov 2021

Hi Eli!

I am looking for a double tandem stroller where the seat’s backrest is on the higher range since I have tall toddlers. Which stroller do you recommend?


Eli • 16 Nov 2021

Hey, Niharika!

A very good question as parents struggle with higher seatbacks greatly, since double strollers are usually on the lower backrest side (to save some space). If you have taller kids, you should absolutely go for a non-reversible model as a reversible pushchair will be much less spacious in general.

I will most certainly recommend you a Valco Snap Duo or, even better, a Valco Snap Duo Trend. These two can actually and really accommodate a 3 to 4 years old, I tried myself. Also, a Baby Jogger City Mini Double2 is a very suitable, even if a bit more expensive (but also higher-quality) option with two very roomy seats.

From the more all-terrain strollers, I will certainly mention the BJ City Mini GT2 Double or the Thule Urban Glide Double.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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