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Which (double) stroller for a 4 years old and a 3 months old? Add which stroller with a buggy board?

Pin • 20 Jul 2023

Which stroller do you recommend for a 4yo and 3mo? And which which stroller with wheel board works the best for 4yo and 3mo?

Eli • 20 Jul 2023

Hey, Pin,

The problem here might be the 4 years old which will be VERY tight in any tandem or reversible-seat double stroller. Which is why I would strongly recommend a side-by-side that has fixed, forward-facing seats, ideally with a bassinet and acar seat option. My best suggestions here would be the Valco Snap Duo or the Baby Jogger City Mini Double2 which will, space-wise, be good enough for a four-year-old and offer options for the three months old baby as well.

About a single pram with a buggy board, here you will need something larger that will not get loose and wobbly easily. You do need to count in the fact that the push will be much less comfortable, you will not have much space for your steps and also getting on curbs or over bumps will simply be harder. My choice here would either be something with an integrated board (like the iCandy Orange), or something sturdier, larger-wheeled, with an adjustable handle, e.g. the Joie Versatrax or the ABC Design Salsa.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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