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Which comfortable travel stroller to choose for my 2-year-old?

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eli & vii
Chipper • 12 Oct 2022

I am looking for a compact travel stroller for my almost 2 year old daughter (25 lbs). I am debating on which stroller is best: Babyzen Yoyo2, Bugaboo Butterfly, Nuna TRAVL, Uppababy Minu 2, or another comparable one.

This will be primarily for travel and short trips since I use the Thule Urban Glide as my primary stroller and love that one but need a more compact one. Key features I am looking for is comfort for my daughter: seat, wheels, upright position, reclined position for naps.

Eli • 12 Oct 2022

Hiya, Chipper,

Watch out, as after such a roomy, comfortable to push pram as the Thule, you might be disappointed with a travel stroller. These smallest possible models will be narrower, smaller in the seat overall, with small wheels not designed for terrain, and with a limited functionality overall - otherwise, they'd not be so small.

From your choices, my go-to would be the BGB Butterfly, as the quality is the highest, and so is the backrest height - which, with a 2 years old, you will desperately need. It is not completely upright, but nor is the Urban Glide, and all other pushchairs in your list are much more slanted. If not the Butterfly, the Minu V2 would be my second choice, as it is sturdy and a quality buggy as well. None of these has a lie-flat position, though, but with a 2yo, you should not need that - she will be absolutely ok napping in that partial recline; at least most toddlers are at that age.

I would definitely not take the Yoyo here, as the super short seat back will be small for your kid, and the stroller is incredibly slanted, not upright at all. I would also not want the Nuna trvl, as it is quite small in the seat area, slanted, too, and the quality is, from my point of view, not really as high as its price.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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