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Which cabin size travel stroller is the best?

Iraj • 18 Apr 2023

Dear Eli

Many thanks for your review about the Joie Tourist and Yoyo2. At the end of your review, you mentioned that both of these are not great.

The stroller that I need is cabin size travel stroller. By considering this, what stroller do you suggest as the best option regardless of price? (Price is not a big issue for me)

Best regard

Eli • 18 Apr 2023

Hey, Iraj,

This also depends on the age of your child. If it is a todder already (it can sit by itself without any help = is around or older than 1 year of age), the best travel stroller for me personally is the Joolz Aer. A nice frame, nice suspension, a tall backrest (it will last you longer), and overall a good built and push, too. Especially when you don't mind the price (it is not cheap and accessories like the leg rest cost extra), it is a quality cabin-sized buggy.

The [[bugaboo-butterfly|Bugaboo Butterfly is also a nice model, but just like the Aer, it doesn't lie flat, so both are better for toddlers, not completely small babies.

For smaller child, I would consider the Ergobaby Metro+ as it is nicely padded, lies flat, and is sturdy, chassis-wise. I like the Recaro Lexa quite some, too, as it is not crazy expensive but is roomy enough and the design is practical. And the Cybex Beezy is small and nimble - not the sturdiest, but rather well thought of for the price and style.

Check out more of my travel stroller recommendations HERE in this article with top 2023 ultra-compacts too, btw ^-^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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