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Mothercare Amble: Which bumper bar or child tray will be compatible with this pushchair? My baby in not comfy without it.

Mino • 09 Jun 2021

Hello dear,

I have this stroller and I want a bumper bar or a food tray. From where can I get it? My baby is not comfortable without it. Can you tell me which one will be compatible with it?

Eli • 12 Jun 2021

Hello, Mino,

There's no original, fitting belly bar to the Amble pushchair, unfortunately. There are two things I would advise you because of that.

The first would be to have one made by a tailor. It will be a semi-soft one, and the principle (and what you should ask to be made for you) is to have a semi-rigid tube sewn around with fabric and side straps ('laces') to tie around the sidebars. It should look like this:

Another way is to get one of those bumper bar toys that clasp on the bars (and usually have something like a steering wheel or buttons). I mean something in the likes of this:

It won't hold as strong as a real bumper bar - it may fall or move when the child pushes its whole weight on it, but I had one exactly like this, and it worked well enough in terms of a belly bar function. Google "child toy bumper bar steering wheel,""steering wheel pushchair toy," "steering wheel for stroller," or "ELC baby stroller steering wheel" (the one in the picture is from the ELC brand).

I hope I helped. If nothing works or you cannot find any even on Amazon or eBay, there's not much else to do... either to live with your pushchair as it is or change for a stroller that does feature a bumper bar.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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