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Which are the best jogging strollers?

Chris • 25 Jun 2022

Thanks so much for your reply. Which is the best jogging stroller overall? Would you recommend jogging with a bike trailer?

Thanks for your reply.

Eli • 25 Jun 2022

Hey there, Chris,

The "best" jogging stroller overall is very much subjective and derived from the way you need to use it - if you are a heavy jogger, or just occasional jogging and also normal, everyday terrain OR city use... My personal favourites, quality-wise, are Baby Joggers, the Summit X3 for the heavier joggers and the City Elite 2 for those needing an everyday stroller, too. The new Uppababy Ridge is also nicely designed and suitable for both jogging and everyday use. And I like very much how the Mountain Buggy Terrain V3 is made.

A nice option is also the Thule Glide 2 with the fixed wheel (quite light, which is nice), as a fixed wheel helps incredibly when jogging really often, it makes the whole much sturdier. Also great quality are the BOB jogging strollers, so be sure to check them out, too.

Overall, I definitely recommend a non-reversible model, and to evaluate how you really want to use your three-wheeler, as for a lot (like really a LOT) of jogging, a fixed wheel might be the better option, but if you need a compromise, a quality brand is definitely a go-to.

And about trailers - they are the compromise for bike use and jogging, and often used when someone needs to push/jog with two kids. My personal opinion about these is that they are a bit too bulky for just jogging, and if you're not planning to bike with it a lot and sometimes run with it, too, it might be a bit much to store. I personally never went for it because of that reason. But for some lifestyles, they could totally work - the front wheel, however, is usually not large enough for a heavier type of a jogger.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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