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Where to get spare wheels for the Mothercare Nanu stroller?

wendy shepherd • 07 Sep 2021

I have a Nanu Mothercare stroller and need to replace all the wheels.

Eli • 07 Sep 2021

Hey, wendy,

The wheels are not normally available to buy in the stores nor online. The way to (maybe) get your hands on spare parts (like wheels) is to contact either the store you bought your pram or pushchair at and ask for them to be ordered as a spare part (it might involve a fee) OR contact directly the brands' (in this case Mothercare's) customer service (in the UK, you'll need to try Boots customer service).

Another thing mums and dads try is to browse through classifieds and buy (cheaply) the same model (in your case, the Mothercare Nanu) and use it for parts.

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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