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Kunert Romantic Exclusive: Where to get spare - replacement wheels?

Lindsay • 22 Jul 2021

How do I get replacement wheels for my pram?

Eli • 22 Jul 2021

Hi, Lindsey,

This is a hard thing to achieve - the more so with cheaper prams. Also, it's not always worth doing because the part's price + shipping cost might be too high.

Anyhow, you should try the "usual" things. First, contact distributors, sellers, retailers of the Kunert brand around you; I mean, where did you buy it? Write them. Or write to anyone who sells these. They should order replacement parts (for a fee) for you.

Next, try and contact the manufacturer, Kunert's customer service, directly here (biuro@kunert-wozki.pl). They could provide you with the wheels (if they'll bother responding).

Lastly, you can go through classifieds and pre-loved Kunert Romantic Exclusive prams to find one for a low price, used. Then, use that one for spare parts.

That's all of your options! I wish you good luck and humbly ask to leave a review of the stroller you own, the Kunert Romantic Exclusive, here to help other parents with your experience.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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