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Where to get an Emmaljunga double stroller in the US (California)?

Jane • 29 Nov 2021


Where can we buy an Emmaljunga double stroller? We live in California. Thank you for your help.

Eli • 30 Nov 2021

Hi, Jane,

As a European brand, Swedish handmade Emmaljunga prams and pushchairs are mostly distributed and available in Europe. Apart from browsing through classifieds or eBay to find a used Emmaljunga stroller, I would try to contact Emmaljunga's customer service (click here to get there). Maybe they'll check whether some retailer around you couldn't order that for you, or send it to you directly.

Other than that, only traveling to Europe would be an option, but a very improbable at this time, unfortunately.

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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