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Where to get a spare bumper bar for the Chicco Artic?

Prince • 24 Dec 2021

Hi Eli,

We have the Artic Chicco stroller but the bumper bar is lost. Can you advise us where we can get a replacement to buy in the Nordics or what other stroller bumper bar can work for our Artic Chicco?

Many thanks

Eli • 25 Dec 2021

Hi, Prince,

I am sorry to say there's no universal one that would fit, you need to get the exact one. The only ways to get it is either to contact the manufacturer, Chicco and its customer service in or for your sćountry, or any seller of this model that would be willing to order it for you.

Other than that, browsing classifieds and finding someone selling their stroller for parts (try eBay), or the whole stroller for a very little sum of money, could do the trick for you, providing you with the part you need for a low price.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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